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By Dave A
How to Give up Drinking Liquor

Many alcoholics know the reason WHY they must quit the bad habit. What they really do not know is HOW to do it. Its possible that you’ve lost a lot of jobs and have legal problems. Maybe your spouse has left you or your family is tired of your behavior. All reasons why you have to look at your drinking and really consider quitting.

If you even suspect you have a problem with alcohol, you possibly do. Its just a matter of doing something about it?which is truly the tough part. A lot of individuals who drink heavily know deep down inside that they have a problem.

If there is a Magic Pill to stop drinking, an alcoholic will definitely buy one. You could also be hypnotized to reduce or even eliminate your craving for liquor. A time machine could also work since you can go back to when you actually started drinking alcohol.

Unfortunately, there are no gimmicky methods or magic pills. Learning to live a life without liquor is the very first thing you should do. Some people would crave for liquor and this can be a long and painful period. Therefore being ready with coping tools and methods is crucial for long term success. Heavy drinkers need assistance during withdrawal and detox. So prior to quitting, ask for a doctor’s advice. For some people, the pain and discomfort is negligible. An alcoholic would confess that she or he attempted to stop at least once. But the physical cravings could last for years. In order to succeed, you should get used to living a life with no liquor. For every one thousand alcoholics, only one stays sober for at least 2 years. You could be that ONE if you’re very determined.

You will be unsuccessful if you don’t follow the disciplined process to stop drinking alcohol.

If you admit that you have to give up drinking alcohol then you are in the right direction.

Write down all the reasons that you feel you need to give up drinking alcohol. Don’t leave anything out, tell the whole story. Include those embarrassing times and the individuals you have emotionally and physically hurt. Keep it and make sure to read it if you feel like giving up the objective of stopping drinking alcohol.

While you are at it, try to figure out how much liquor costs you: to purchase, to go to pubs, in legal fees, and in lost wages. Check your credit card statements and your budget; do not just invent numbers. Whether its physically, mentally or financially; alcohol abuse is harmful in lots of aspects.

Honesty is crucial in order to be successful and completely recover from alcohol abuse. You will know when it is the correct time to give up.

Ask for Advice from a Medical Doctor

The damage done to your body is something only a medical doctor can assess. A medical doctor can also give suggestions on how to stop drinking. You may require hospitalization and medical supervision, or you might be able to do it by yourself.

Tell People (that understand)

If you need understanding and support throughout the process, tell those you trust that you would give up drinking alcohol. Most people are flattered and would be there to support and help you throughout the hard times.

Find Meetings

12 Step Meetings is a great place to meet others who have experienced the same thing you’re experiencing. Start by searching for 12 Step Meetings near your area. Various types of individuals with different kinds of problems go to various kinds of meetings. If you can’t attend ninety meetings within 90 days then just try to attend as many meetings as you can. You will discover much more about stopping in these meetings than anywhere else.

If you have reached this point then that is something to be really proud of. Just continue to be strong and control the cravings?live a life with no alcohol in your body.

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