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By Katina Brady
You may be wondering how you can decorate your home in new and interesting ways during the holidays, aside from putting up a tree. Handmade Christmas wreaths are a great way to celebrate the season and you can make them yourself with a little bit of time and patience. You can create something truly one-of-a-kind to greet visitors warmly when they arrive on your doorstep. Here are some ideas.

Traditional Christmas colours are red and green, followed by white and gold. These colours are representative of various aspects of the season, from the beautiful poinsettias that bloom at this time of year in radiant red, to the green of the tree and mistletoe. White is reminiscent of the snow that falls in winter, and then gold is grand and royal, representing a momentous occasion.

However, in the recent years, Christmas decorating has strayed away from the traditional colours. There are no strict rules that need to be followed, therefore whatever the choice of decor or colour scheme, something can be created to fit that. This is also great for those places in the world that don’t have Christmas in a traditional sense, such as in the tropics where there is no winter or snow.

Once you have gathered together everything you need for such a project, it is not difficult to make the perfect wreath. You will need a wreath base as a foundation to build upon. You can make one yourself by cutting a doughnut shape out of wood, cardboard or even foam. However, why not save some time doing this altogether by purchasing a blank base from an art store? There are many different kinds available depending on the way you want your finished product to look.

You can get a grapevine wreath base in the craft store if you are thinking about making some sort of floral piece. Use plants like juniper or eucalyptus, or other seasonal things from nature like pine cones to keep in line with the theme. You can glue suitable decorations that may be larger in order to fill up any empty spaces in the leaves.

You can recycle your previous decorations for the tree if you are planning on getting new ones this year. Use the old tree ornaments to make a bauble wreath. You may have different sizes and shapes, but that just adds to the overall effect of the final product. Use them to cover the base entirely and build volume. Add further volume and colour by looping wired ribbon in and out of the baubles.

You can also use fabric or paper for decorating a wreath base. Cut a bunch of fabric strips and gather them up to create ruffles that you can then stick down to the base. Burlap is good for a rustic effect as it is thick and heavy and will add much volume. You can add some colour by placing a red bow at the top of the wreath.

Alternatively, use carol sheet music to create paper loops and bows and glue them to the base. Holly and mistletoe can be used as nice accents against the black and white. Attach a red ribbon at the top to hang.

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