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By Olivia Cross
This therapist is trained to help senior citizens communicate once again after a stroke. He works to help a child overcome a disorder known as stuttering. For local people with a communication disability who need Speech Therapy NJ is a good place to find it.

The student undergoes extensive education and clinical practice. The four year bachelors degree is only the first step. During those four years science courses are required classes.

Required classes include Phonetics, Deaf Education and American Sign Language. The physical structures of the ear, nose and throat will be memorized. The larynx, a structure in the throat, is where sound is made. Good hearing allows children to develop language skills.

After graduating with a bachelors degree a student applies to the masters degree program. A grade of B or better is required to enter, and remain in, this program. Here he will participate in clinical observation and practice while supervised by professors.

There is more than one area of expertise available for the student. There is the audiologist who tests the hearing abilities of both children and adults. It is this individual who will prescribe the hearing aid that will provide the optimal degree of auditory improvement for each one.

He can also choose to become a teacher of the deaf. Each baby learns to talk by hearing others around him at home. When the infant cannot hear those sounds, his ability to imitate them is impeded. If profoundly deaf, he can learn to communicate by using sign language.

Following a cardiovascular incident, or stroke, the senior citizen may lose the ability to talk. It can be partially impeded or lost completely. If the therapist cannot restore it, there are other means of communication to be used, such as a letter board, for example.

The masters degree is the minimum educational requirement for working professionally in any of these fields. Following graduation from the masters program, the student must pass testing to be licensed. Each state imposes its own requirements related to testing.

There is an official organization that the licensed professional almost always joins. One cannot be licensed without membership in many states. To earn the credentials needed, the therapist must complete 400 hours of clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed professional.

After entering the work force, there are continuing education credits that must be earned. This assures the pathologist of keeping abreast of new developments in the profession. These consist of organized classes.

The baby is potentially able to learn any language. He will learn the one spoken in his family. If these abilities are not exhibited by the expected age, a pathologist can work with him to correct the delay.

A pediatrician is aware that the child with language delay needs the help of a specialist. The current abilities will be evaluated. If a hearing deficit is suspected of preventing him from talking, audiological testing is the next step to take.

After state licensing, the pathologist can be hired to work in schools or hospitals. Positions are available in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Alternately, he can continue his education to earn a PhD and open a private practice.

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