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By Lena Stephenson
No matter how well you plan for the things you want to do in your life, there will always be those times when you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Perhaps it could be the stress we are experiencing at present. Or maybe its because of the unfulfilled desires and failures we experience. Sometimes you question what went wrong when you did all that you can to succeed.

You can plan out however you want, execute it as fast as you dare. But the end will always remain uncertain. A good start does not guarantee a good end. My spiritual life journey has taught me a lot of things that went beyond what the society is teaching us. In fact, it allowed me to think beyond what people are considered as necessary and important.

Developing a spiritual life is not easy especially if you do not spend some time in silence and evaluate your inner thoughts and desires. Silence is necessary. Unfortunately, this is very much difficult in our modern times considering the amount of media exposure and shows that all demand our attention. Here are some of the most important things that helped me develop a good avenue for this journey. See if you are ready to try out any of them.

Writing daily on a journal. This is not just the typical diary you keep where you rant about all the complains and wrongs you experience within the day. Its a journal of positivity where you acknowledge the presence of the negatives but focus more on the good.

Having some minutes of silence. This starte off as a very difficult step considering the amount of noise at present. Even the efficiency of internet has proven to be a source of noise through the years. There is just too much information, a lot of it, does not really matter. Observing silence, like staying in a room with the computer, television, radio and even cell phones off will help you develop a sense of inner peace. It makes you think clearly and listen more to the voice of God.

Offering daily thanksgiving. Complaining is a waste of energy. It gives you bad vibes which can ultimately affect the quality of work that you do within the day. Thanksgiving on the other hand has a very beneficial effect. It makes you feel good and allows you to start the day right. No matter how small, thank the Lord for it.

Seeing the good side of anything bad. There are bad days. It is part of your life. What matters however are not those factors but how you react to them. Rather than sulk about the negatives, why not think about the better things you can see from it.

Reading the Bible everyday. You do not have to read a bulk in one go. Selecting a short excerpt per day is enough. This will make it easier for you to internalize it. Make it a habit and know God more. You can never develop your faith unless you know Him better.

You cannot do everything on your own. You need Gods guidance everyday, every time. Make Him a part of everything that you do and give thanks to the gifts you have today.

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My Spiritual Life Journey And Ways On How To Improve It

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