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By Brenda Warner
The majority of taxpayers do not opt for the option of representing themselves when it comes to IRS audits. They will prefer to hire professionals who are well trained in that kind of work. The hired professionals will never accompany them for the audits because they might end up answering questions in ways that are detrimental. In business audits, clients prefer to have professionals handle the work. In considering IRS audit representation AZ residents need to be conversant with what is involved.

Representatives are normally hired so that the exposure of the client to adverse adjustments from the auditor is prevented. Few clients if any will want the IRS to conduct a probe into all the possible areas they are able to find. Auditors should neither come into the home of clients or ask incriminating questions. Professionals will know the evidence that is accepted and that which is not. There should be adequate evidence so that examiners do not check documents that relate to other years.

Representatives should be in a position to bargain with auditors to accept certain documentation, and ensure they remove penalties in case the taxpayer agrees to sign the report. There are three main considerations when choosing the best representatives. These are trust, knowledge and experience. With trust, it means you will entrust them with all the relevant information and hope they will do their best. They should also have vast knowledge and experience in matters concerning taxes.

There are three types of professionals that is able to choose from. Each of them comes with their benefits and shortcomings and it is important to carefully consider before choosing the best. Tax attorneys can be trusted with audit work as long as they are well qualified. The only shortcoming is that they may not wholly consider client needs above their own. Their accuracy may also be wanting.

There are also enrolled agents who can offer great services. They will need to meet set criteria of hiring but also have certain shortcomings. This is because there are those who obtain enrolled license after leaving service without taking their examinations. They are likely not to operate as educated professionals, hurting the audit.

One may also consider the services of certified public accountants. They are the highest level of trusted professionals. They normally have the education, intelligence and professionalism. Besides, there is the conservative state board of accountants which regulates their services. There may be CPAs with the right knowledge but poor negotiation skills.

There is the tax payers advocate service which helps in cases in which an individual experiences problems when paying taxes. It is a free services that is independent of IRS. There will not be tax returns but the program can offer independent review of tax matters which have not been resolved. It helps filers that are having economic challenges.

Whenever an individual is being audited, they should be informed of the same. In case any financial details are asked for, clients should be told how they will be used. This information must be kept discreet.

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