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By Merv Carlson
There are hardly any vehicle laptop mount providers which pay great care to improving products and satisfy customers like Pro Desks. On their stores you can find a number of advanced laptop mount models which are specifically designed to fit modern 2015 trucks, including the 2015 Nissan Titan. Pro Desks Mongoose is currently the best-seller in 2015 Nissan Titan truck laptop mount market. Mongoose truck laptop desk has a perfect look with advanced features which no products by competitors can compete.

Mongoose features a unique durable aluminum top and a custom built base plate which will perfectly fit any 2015 Nissan Titan trucks. The custom built base plate is an advanced feature of this laptop desk since users can reuse this mounting system if they change their vehicles. The custom built base plate makes Mongoose a very economical laptop mount to purchase. Its locking desktop securely locks your laptop, preventing it from falling into the floor even when there are extreme brakes or cornering.

It is simple for 2015 Nissan Titan trucks to install and use Mongoose laptop mount. This advanced truck laptop mount has a professional look with sleek finishing. One of the most impressive features is the 360 degree rotating pedestal arm holding the slide. It fits well with laptop of any sizes, including the 17′ widescreen ones. This laptop desk attaches to the rails of the passenger side seat utilizing a customized base plate that no longer requires modifications to the vehicle or drilling anymore.

Now we take a closer look at the modern Mongoose for 2015 Nissan Titan trucks. What impresses users at the first sight is its unique locking aluminum top. Every side, forward-facing and rearmost clips are modifiable for easy placement on the sides and even the height. The laptop is locked to the desktop while all laptop ports are left open, so you can access all the ports without having any difficulties. The main rod is height-adjustable, allowing users to find the right working position. Mongoose for 2015 Nissan Titan trucks is a no-cable system. There is also the tilting and rotating clevis that is adjustable beneath for optimum placement while working on the computer. It takes you just twenty to thirty minutes to install the Mongoose to your modern 2015 Nissan Titan truck. You are provided with the detailed instructions and the necessary tools for the job.

There are times you need to leave your truck with your laptop inside for a while. Don’t worry about any quick laptop theft since you can lock your laptop to the desktop of the mounting system. When you close the lid of your laptop, the lid will never automatically open although there are collisions. Your laptop never faces the risk of falling into the floor thanks to the locking knobs. Using the locking knobs is easy. You need to simply turn the knobs to “Close” or “Lock” to prevent the laptop from opening or being taken by the thieves. It is an user friendly system that you can operate in a quick manner to place your computer in your vehicle or to take it out.

2015 Nissan Titan truck owners can now rest assured they have a perfect laptop mounting solution to choose.

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Choosing The Right Laptop Mount For Your 2015 Nissan Titan Trucks

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