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By Merv Carlson
The latest laptop desk introduced by Pro-Desks, which is named Dominator, is among the most advanced locking laptop desks for 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks. This laptop desk launched by Pro-Desks and aptly suits 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks. 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck owners now have one more option to choose when it comes to laptop desks.

Pro Desks Dominator belongs to the rare laptop mounts available on the market that fit 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck model. The locking system simply locks down the laptop as well as the pedestal. The base is installed in a direct manner to the seat rails of any 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck.

2015 Chevrolet GMC truck owners can rest assured that the Dominator mounting system does not interfere with the movements of both the driver and the passenger. The sturdiness of the laptop desk is not comparable to other similar laptop desks in the market and is far stronger. Passengers can work on the laptop comfortably just by adjusting the desktop of the Dominator laptop desk.

The security feature makes Dominator a truck laptop desk that is worth your investment. With the keyed knob scheme on both the desktop and the pedestal, both the rotating knobs can be locked in order to secure the laptop as well as the mounting system to prevent quick theft of the laptop or the desk. Having Dominator laptop desk installed in your truck is the best way to secure your laptop. The desktop is adjustable, which can fit up to 17″ widescreen laptops. The locking mechanism can easily unlock in order to slide the unit out and simply lift the laptop out from the clamping tray area so that it can be taken to the office. The process is easy, quick and highly secure in case you want to leave the unit.

Shocks and vibration while travelling on road can no longer affect your laptop now. The shocking pads of the Dominator laptop mount The improvised top can accommodate laptops of different sizes and width, even widescreen models easily. It has two absorbing pads that isolate shock along with modifiable side clamps that allow users to shut the screen and it simply absorbs ample air circulation beneath the laptop to allow it to cool.

Dominator laptop desk for 2015 Chevrolet GMC trucks has an ergonomic design. Once being installed into the truck, Dominator can be used by both the driver and the passenger without any problems.

The mounting desk is advanced and suit most laptops, including the 17″ ones.

Equip your modern 2015 Chevrolet GMC truck now with Pro Desks Dominator laptop desk. The desk is the best option if you’re looking to turn your truck into a complete mobile office.

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Pro Desks Dominator – An Amazing Laptop Mount For Your 2015 Chevrolet GMC Trucks

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