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By Joseph Ellis
Bean bag toss, otherwise known as cornhole or dummy boards or dog house, is basically an American-based lawn game, whereby players take turns in throwing corn bags, at raised platforms which have holes in the far ends. Putting the bags in the holes earns the player three points, whilst onto the platforms makes one score a solitary point. Baggo game progresses till when either team or player attains a score of twenty one points.

When one of the players or even team garners a sterling 21 points, they are officially declared the winners, and the game is considered over. These points have a criterion through which they are calculated. For instance, in case a bag gains entry into the hole, it scores the player three undisputed points. When the bag stops on top of these boards erected, one point is usually awarded, in favor of that particular player.

One pound of US corn is usually filled inside every bag. The recommended weight for the bags is 6 by 6. The ultimate weights of the bags is usually variant, majorly because the bags may be made using different types of material, thus making the weights vary.

All bags are amassed with US pounds, measuring six times six. Nonetheless, the specific weights of such bags in question may usually vary by insignificant margins though, arguably because of the different materials that could have been used in the process of making them.

Regular courts place the holes at a distance of thirty three inches apart from each other, or twenty seven feet in between bottoms of platforms. However, these lengths can be shortened and adjusted in the event the game is being played by children, or even when no sufficient ground or room.

The holes are designed in such a way that the distance between them is 27 feet or thereof, between the bottoms ends of the boards. This is as evident from many a courts for the game. These distances or lengths can be changed to suit the prevailing circumstances, for instance they can be made shorter when the courts are being used by younger children, or when there is inadequate room.

Cornhole can either be played as singles or even doubles. In doubles, there are four players, who split up to into two to form two teams. One party from either teams pitches from one of such cornholes platform, and the other pitches from the other. The initial side of the players are then to alternate the pitching bags, till both players have tossed and thrown all their four bags.

The game basically also considers certain cancellation scoring constraints. This may be practical when a player puts two bags inside the holes and another one onto platform, making a whooping seven scores, and the other player inputs one bag in a hole and two others on the platform, making five points. Four points cancel out, thereby making the first player remain with three points, and his opponent with only one.

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