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By Andrew Hughes
Young people find it hard to believe, but in the past people used to smoke tobacco products wherever and whenever they pleased. They smoked in restaurants, shops, cinemas and at work. Luckily, strict regulation now controls the places where people may use tobacco products. Educational programs have also seen to it that more and more people realize the dangers of smoking. By rather opting for eCigarettes Indianapolis smokers often find it easier to give up the habit.

Electronic smoking devices originate in China and have been available since 2004. Millions of these devices have been sold since then. Manufacturers claim that they are safer, both for the smoker and the people around him. Most devices closely resemble a real cigarette or cigar, but they are available in many sizes and shapes. Some can be used many times but disposable models are also available.

Almost all electronic cigarettes work in the same manner. The main unit that resembles a cigarette contains a power source, normally a battery that can be recharged, a capsule containing the nicotine and other chemicals and a heating unit that allows the inhalation of the chemicals and that produces the vapour when the device is used. Hardened smokers find the fact that these devices so closely resemble real cigarettes easier to switch.

The majority of people that buy and use electronic cigarettes do so because the want to either quit smoking or cut down on their consumption of tobacco. They believe that the electronic version is healthier because it does not contain all the harmful substances, such as tar and carbon dioxide, found in normal cigarettes. Many people also opt for electronic cigarettes because they can be used in places where tobacco smoking is forbidden.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke they have come under fire and fierce criticism from various sources. Health experts argue that these devices still provide users with doses of nicotine, a dangerous and habit forming substance. Nicotine is not only addictive, but can lead to a very wide variety of health problems. Many experts therefore question the claim that these devices are safer and healthier than ordinary cigarettes.

Another major criticism is that electronic cigarettes have caused nicotine addiction in youngsters that never used to smoke tobacco products. These young people use these devices because they believe them to be safe and acceptable. In addition, young people can use electronic cigarettes legally because their sale and use is not controlled by legislation in the way that tobacco products are.

Many others point out, however, that electronic cigarettes offer some significant benefits. They do not emit smoke and bystanders are therefore not exposed to dangerous secondary smoke. I addition, it is an acknowledged fact that electronic cigarettes contain much less harmful chemicals than ordinary cigarettes. The use of nicotine, in whatever form, is not against the law.

All the indications say that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. Sales keep soaring and new models are introduced regularly. Some experts reckon that the sale of these devices will outstrip the sale of tobacco products within the next decade or so.

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By Switching To ECigarettes Indianapolis Smokers May Be Taking A Step In The Right Direction

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