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By Scott Moore
Having tea is a good excuse for whiling away the afternoon, gathering your friends together. Enjoying it, perched on a luxurious hotel chair is a nice tradition from the Brits but hardly economical. Although you want to share great pastries with a laugh and a story or two, it can cost you more than what you expect.

But then that can be on the costly side, rather than just doing it at home. Having your own tea party for girls Bay Area can make you stick to a budget suitable for you. Plus the benefit of choosing your own course for the food and beverage, with a style that you can pull off.

Planning it may seem a difficult task, but it can be fairly simple, what with so many themes and ideas available. As sales on tea went higher and the demand becomes stronger, the idea of drinking it is becoming a trend in the form of light luncheons and tea parties. That, and the fact that this is a highly favorable English habit.

On warm summer days in Bay Area, California, late afternoon parties are usually the best way to go. For some reason, this sets the mood for talking, sharing news about everyone and having a laugh or two over the most mundane things. And that is exactly what this type of get together is for. Creating a happy moment with your girlfriends.

Start planning your party by setting the schedule in Bay Area, California. Traditionally, people have it in the afternoons. For some reason, they find it as a perfect time for chitchat and leisure. It also usually sets the mood for laughter and endless good old gossiping.

It is better to have both cold and hot ones on the table. Having them both as a mix is a fun way to serve. Some of your friends may want the warm feeling of hot tea and others will prefer the refreshing coolness of the one that is iced. Whichever they prefer, prepare honey, milk and some lemon slices so they will never run out of something to add on their glasses and cups.

Get your supplies ready. You know what you need. Do not panic if you seem to be short on the finest china. It does not have to be necessarily luxurious. Elegance does not have to cost you too much. A nice set or two of teapot, cups and saucers will do as alternative.

Presentation is the key. Add some filling and cut them to make them into smaller pieces. Then throw in some pastries like cookies and cupcakes you have baked or bought from the store. You can also put in muffins, scones or danishes in assorted flavors. If you go any longer, it will already require a light lunch.

As for your menu, put pastries with a variety of petite fours on the table. Add some sandwiches in different flavors cut in small pieces. The tea needs to be a mix of hot and cold as guests will naturally take them differently. Some will love the warmth of the hot one, no matter the temperature. Others would feel more comfortable with the coolness of the kind served on the rocks.

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