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By Deborah Gray
Treating someone in an unfair way is referred to as injustice. This is often known as discrimination on the basis of culture, politics, religion or ethnic group. Homophobia is also a form of injustice by hating the sexual minority where one shows hatred towards bisexuals and transgender. Ageism is where people are discriminated due to their age and restraining them their constitutional rights. Below we discuss how we can overcome social injustices worldwide.

Poverty is one among the social injustices common in our society today. We find that there are filthy rich people in the world and the extremely poor people in our society. Some die daily due to lack of the basic needs such as water and shelter. To overcome these challenge, the leaders should come up long lasting solutions that will end drought thus the poor will not feel neglected.

Martin Luther Ling noted that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. Gender inequality is a form of injustice terrorizing the society. Some view ladies as objects. Because of this, rape cases are common in place like India. Everyone is expected to show respect to women and let them exercise their voting rights. In countries where they do the contrary, stern action should be enacted.

On a daily, we are seeing parents die. They leave children behind with no one to take care of them. This leads to children going to the streets to seek refuge. Others get lucky and are admitted in childrens homes. For those in the streets, they depend on the mercies of the passers-by. The government should work out strategies for the orphans to receive their basic needs and education.

You find that in most job application forms, they will ask of your ethnicity. These is a form of racism as to many bosses they would rather offer a job to a person of a certain ethnic group rather than the others. One thing that our leaders should fight for is unity among all irrespective of the color as achievement has no color.

Child abuse physically, verbally and sexually is common in worldwide. The authority should take stern actions by penalizing the offenders and coming up with laws that will help in a reduction of such cases. In some countries a child is forced to drop school at some point and these people need to be enlightened on the importance of education on a child.

Until today, sex trafficking is a common exercise. Those who get affected mostly are ladies and under aged girls. These traffickers make money of this. The girls are sold to cartels whose aim is to use them for their sex satisfactions. This is an offensive and those caught doing it should rot in jail.

Countries that are constantly in war cause grief to many after the death of their loved ones. This is an injustice to the bereaved families and should be avoided if possible. The only way this can take place is trying to create peace among his countries. Social injustices will com to an end if we all play our parts.

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