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By Mark Walker
Nothing can beat the person who dedicates his life to a full service in his community. One must have the heart in the matter of public service. This is so easy to say but hard to do. This is a full time commitment and can never be taken out once the seat is given . The cause of helping and looking into the interest of others is such a huge task to carry on.

The purpose of a leader is not just for the name itself. The life of Tony Chavis is an open book as the people in his place know exactly what he is been doing . The aspiration he owns may be difficult to do but there is no easy and hard to a man who wants nothing but the best among the area he loves. Peace and order can be attained and he has plans on how to make it.

Aims to have a safer environment. The kind of environment where one is living is very important. This a matter to take on because the character of the young generation depends on where they are residing. He acts on this matter and strongly desire the peace and order all throughout the place. This may be a hard task to others but not for him.

Protect the rights of every citizen. Every citizen has a right that must be respected. It does not matter where your roots are as long as you reside in there. To respect ones right means to respect the totality if the person. This is the problem of other places because they lost this value and he will try his best to maintain this.

He nurtures the quality of life. The quality of life is not measured alone by the money you have. Yes, money can really take one to many heights but then this will be in great jeopardy. Without peace and order, all lives are in great danger and the criminals will over power. The condition of the entire place will no longer be livable.

Seek of a stronger relationship among the people. The complete peace and order can never be attained if the community is not having a good relationship. He seeks for it and he will find a way that everyone can find this in their hearts to cooperate without any reservation.

Desire to improve the skill of deputees. The entire force of deputees should be empowered and updated. It must be updated since there are may ways that a criminal can do. Empowering means providing them with a proper training every now and then.

Get to manage the money well. The state is giving of budget to all offices. In his mission, he wants to use the money to buy advanced equipment in the office. This will be of sued by the entire force of deputees. Their techniques will be updated in going against the violators.

Build up integrity. The integrity he is building towards himself is not just for him alone. He wants to have their own integrity. He is known for this thing and being true to all that comes from his mouth. There are so many plans to do but all these things will happen in the right time. If the right time will come, all citizen within his watch has the assurance

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The Examples Of Tony Chavis And His Great Plans

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