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Live Instead Of Exist

Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest, Not Merely Exist

There is a difference between living and just existing in this world. Ignore the choice of life and existing socket instead simply refers to life on autopilot , playing the hand you were dealt and formalities necessary for stable routine seems that every day on this earth is less painless as possible.

  • Feel it in your heart

Whenever you feel confused , frustrated, lost or do not know what you really want, you can always seek advice from your heart . There are too many things in this world do not have an ideal or a definitive answer. Some answers will naturally develop as you go in life, while some answers are revealed , if you look closely . The question ” what is the meaning of life? ” Is a very good example of what you can not find a perfect or definitive answer to the other. You can search on Google and YouTube, the meaning of life (which is a fun thing to do ) but at the end of the day , it would only know the meaning of life to another, not yours. Throughout their life course , there are many questions like this , where n ‘ no one who can give you the best answer and you are the only person who can find the answer for you . If you happen to feel lost in life, not knowing what to choose or do next, and then maybe be one of the best sources you can enjoy your heart is. Whispering to you what you really want live in your life. Find your true calling , your destiny, your destiny, and living your dream then you want it whatsoever.
  • Be positive
Learn to recognize the negative thoughts you have. These are the self-doubts , the criticisms of others, the complaints, the reasons why you can not do something. So for yourself when you have these thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Solutions. You can do it!
  • Travel.
Sure you want to travel one day. When you have vacation time , or when you’re older . Well, what are you waiting for ? Find a way to take a trip, if not this month , then very soon. You may have to sell your car or stop your cable bill and stop eating out to do , but to get there . You’re too young not to see the world. If necessary, find a way to earn a living independently and working while traveling. Work only an hour or two a day live. Do not check email but once a week . Then use the remaining time to see the world .
  • Open your heart .
Your heart is a closed set of scar tissue ? Learn how to open , it is ready to receive love , give love unconditionally. If you have a problem with that , talk to someone. And practice makes perfect .
  • Slow down .
Life moves so fast these days . This is not healthy , and not conducive to life. Practice doing everything slowly – everything from food walk from driving to work to read. Enjoy what you are doing. Learning to move at a very slow pace.

  • Touch Humanity .
Get out of your house and manicured neighborhoods , and find those who live in the worst conditions. Meet, talk to them , understand them . Live among them . As one of them . Write a materialistic lifestyle .
  • Volunteers.
Help the homeless soup kitchen . Learn compassion, and learn to help ease the suffering of others. Help the sick, the disabled , the dying.
  • Playing with children .
Children , more than anyone, know how to live . They all live in the present, in its entirety. When hurt, really crying. When they play, they really have fun . Learn from them , instead of thinking you know more than them. Play with them and learn to be happy like them.
  • Talk to the elderly, and learn from them.
There is not a wiser, more experienced , more knowledgeable than those who have lived life. You can tell amazing stories . It will give you tips to make a marriage last or staying out of debt. Tell you about their regrets, so you can learn from them and avoid the same mistakes. They are the wisdom of our society – take advantage of their existence while they are still there.
  • Try something new every week.
Ask yourself . “What new thing you try this week,” so make sure you do not have to learn a new language in one week, but seek new experiences Give it a try you can decide. . You want to keep in your life.
  • Being in the moment.
Instead of thinking of things to do, or things that have happened , or worrying or planning or regretting , think about what you are doing now . What is around you? What smells and sounds and sights and feelings are you experiencing ? Learn to do this as much as possible through meditation, but also through bringing your attention to this as much as possible in everything you do.

Live Instead Of Exist

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