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Be Happy – 5 simple rules for a happy life

~ 5 simple rules for a happy life ~

1. Don’t be overly emotional – HAVE FAITH
Just look at all the people around you. Think of all the people who have had close relations. What is the one person in the relationship who wants to get back together, they always do? Think about it! You? Ok, simply do the exact opposite of that.

I’m sure he thought about all the people you know who have lively discussions with her WE, while trying to convince him to return with them. It happens every day Emotional, like clockwork. You can almost run on a cycle.

People make the mistake of talking to your ex when they are very emotional. It’s easy to understand why they are emotional, however, does not help his cause.

Such emotions lead to begging and outbursts of anger, that will not help you achieve your goal to get an ex back. You really need to calm down first, before you even pick up the phone and dial the number.

I know this may seem like a difficult thing to do, but I try to get that person out of your mind for now Emotional. Chances are, you are not going anywhere so you can contact them at any time.

First work on Emotional you. You must be relaxed to that phone call. Get your mind elsewhere Emotional. Going to the movies, hanging out with friends who simply want to take a break from all the thoughts that are festering in your mind time. Once you are in a quiet place, then you can take the first steps to get back with you ex Emotional.

2. Don’e ever give up – KEEP TRYING
What to keep trying? This means they give up, even in the face of challenges. These results can be work, home, finances, friends, enemies, physical limitation. The main thing in life is to keep trying, or one of my brothers church would “move forward.” This is what it means to keep trying.

We must develop the habit of staying on track. I remember several years ago, I fell on the track, the goal was to stay the course and stay on track. You can not start as fast as the others in the race of life, but we must keep trying, do not quit. We must develop the habit of perseverance or as others have said “stay the course”. Maintain active minds stored legs move along life.

We can find our own satisfaction in the attempt, there is joy in the process. When we try, we feel good about the time we succeed or not, because we have given our best. Satisfaction is deeply felt and staff in the heart of the man who left everything on the track. He has no regrets, because he gave everything. Good night’s sleep and try again tomorrow hope.

3. Don’t make things complicated – KEEP IT SIMPLE
When you are unable to move on, look at the bottom of yourself. You will be surprised that you can find the strength to keep trying. Take lesson marines, their mental attitude is to never stop trying and never give up. Remember that in life there are no do more. Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.

4. Don’t take things too seriously – LAUGH AT PROBLEMS
Ha ha ha ha ha. Laughter is good, is not it? Recent health studies have shown that only 1 minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours. But one hour anger can depress the immune system the next 6 hours. Wow. Of course, you want to laugh more, right?

But sometimes, life and concerns steal our laughter. Remember how easy it was like a child who laughs at something? But now, as adults, it is much more difficult to be carefree and laughing with all our worries and concerns. Who will pay the mortgage? What to find my future spouse? How can I troubleshoot my children? The list is endless.
Do not be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

5. Don’t be a grown – up – STAY YOUTHFUL AS A KID
Everyone wants the ability to stay young forever. Although aging is inevitable nowadays people can grow old without having to deal with the complications that old age brings. Stay young forever and can be accomplished with a good diet and plenty of exercise. Although it has a lot to aging.
Just be open-minded, do not leave the limits of the company is always trying things that interest you, no matter what they say. Be creative, people age faster than the imagination luck that keeps your mind sharper and more creative. In fact, people with a healthy imagination with age.

Finally, age is only in your mind.
When it comes to getting old age is just a number. Age is a state of mind that makes people feel younger or older. Change your attitude towards aging and realize that age is just a number, you will feel much younger.
I will no longer allow the negative thing in my life to spoil all of the good things I have . 
 I choose to be happy .

Be Happy – 5 simple rules for a happy life


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