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 “Go get lost. Get lost, and really enjoy yourself where no one knows your name.”

How I did it: The first time we just did it.

Sauce and I had talked about doing what you have not seen my list of 43 things – was delivered immediately that, although very nervous , and in his own words put him well outside his comfort area. We were worried and wanted to do something – jokingly said that we had something just go and drive. I said, Let’s do it .
It was one of the best adventures of all time . We started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon , which was a later start than we wanted. We decided to promote our northeast vaguely point in the center of California – but honestly, we decided that lasted until the highway to go to come up with something that we do not know or do not recognize . In a flash, we decided to go west to the coast to see what I could find and set up a couple of random points to keep us off the beaten track and known routes , we started our trip.
Way point it was a little water tank along the small creek located in the hills, surrounded by poison ivy and Spanish moss . As it was a source of water for the region, there was no pool, but we were happy to pull aside and have a late lunch.

From there, we started to follow the Russian River , after all, we realized that all rivers lead to the sea , and that means we get our feet in the water. Throughout the road trip Bohemia , and OMG it was amazing. The canopy forests with beautiful plants clover low forest cover – little brush to speak, was taken from a book of fairy tales. But eventually give way to the swamp forest , and finally the waves crashing in front of us .
It was a rare trip was wonderful and we were so lost in each other , and our sense of wonder we were too busy taking pictures . I think the memory of the cold wind from the coast, and laughter when we realized we did not want to sleep near the ocean . It would have been cool. And wet .
We collected a few rocks on the rocky beach jade tenderfoot got a little exploring around the edge, and jumped back in the truck looking for a warm place to sleep , while the sun was setting right in the horizon of water. The forest seemed a good place , but you’ve already been there today , it was decided to play the “game … Or is it ? “Play it again.
We lifted and correct our way through a field of grass and sweet stars, while wonderful, there was little in the way of a place to draw and sleep. After discussion, even though it was almost 22:00, we decided to find a more perfect place for camping. Again, left, right. Until we arrive at a small town … We knew .
Feeling a little beat up , he and I sat there , watching the small family of the city. Calm. We wanted to be lost . It is not lost .

He turned to me: “Will you be here ‘ have been here I do not want to be here ? . “.
I said okay, ” I do not want to be here . This is not funny . Visited here . BLAME ” .
So we went , but how we arrived at the Russian River , we were always happy to hunt for something new . We made our way back to the forest and Greenville . Low and behold , we drove through the main street of it , something struck eyes – a rainbow of neon sits atop a bar.
“Rainbow Cattle Company “

” Is this a gay bar? ” He said with some surprise , and I agree with the sentiment. Now it’s midnight and we ‘re in the middle of the forest, and after this oasis in the desert. This oasis of gay.
“I think so, ” I said a little stunned , attracted by the neon tube arc as a zapper insects.
“You want to go ? “
” … Yes ! “
“If it is not a gay bar , however, leave immediately. Because if it’s not a gay bay , then something is wrong with this country,” his face reflects how serious he was about this issue, ” it is OK ? “
“Deal” .
We walked in and it was exactly that. A gay oasis in the middle of nowhere. He’ll use the bathroom , and the hottest blonde in the place where you decide you want to take my hand and drag me out of a ball. I want – do not get me wrong – but I think better because it hesitates and stumbles through his saunter.And all blondes are cute, it is less attractive when they could throw at you . Well, maybe I should have a chance to – gay boys she danced with subsequent vomiting were remarkably free . Next time.
We have a drink and go back to smoking. We realize that we will engage in a conversation with the locals , we see that a good place to park the truck and steal a little dream perhaps. We met a wonderful elderly couple , and he’s great in all aspects . They warn us not sleep, not to be bothered by the police, and the point in the right direction of a campsite.
With a little effort , we found it . We assume 300 feet tall redwoods, and 1 hour in the morning, we headed along a turn at a time , one lane , bumpy road we’ve ever had.
It was the scariest part – even if it was short , not being able to tell how steep the drop off on the side of the road , however, was quite stressful . But as we end the way we got to the top of the cup, on a hill, where the stars are really best for us.
I’ve never seen so many stars in my life, not in the ocean or in the mountains. The stars were so bright that even saw the stars . Incredible.
We slept under the stars together.
I do not think I ever get tired of it.
Lessons and advice : Who ! To prepare itself for this! Now, while I invite you to get up and just go , I encourage you to take ten minutes to get home , take a few bases, and if you do not want to go home , I pick up along the way !

While these are not necessities , I think using adventure without problems, and if you get stuck (see example below! ) That makes a lot less miserable . 🙂

  • Bring water , bring snacks . I do not want to have to stop every time puckish or thirsty. I suggest bring more water than you think you need, if you have a place where you are stuck for a while , or water is not available . I like to take several large smart water because well packed in a cooler . I still have a small cooler with me, even if it’s just something cheap -o Styrofoam .

  • Bring something to do to stay comfortable. Finding a good cheap sleep, practice prepared for you. For us, that means you take the mattress , air pump faster , store ( in case) , and lots of pillows and blankets. We have a giant truck , and since time is not bad , it is very easy for us to set up bed and we slept earth. This is also good because you can park anywhere safely and sleep, IEEE a place where we ‘re not towing and / or stabbed is a moment camping . Get a good night’s sleep is very important when it can often be short . Find a system that works for you, maybe you ‘re the type of hiking camping tent, or maybe you just sleep in the car . What is comfortable !

  • Prepare for all temperatures, and conditions (within reason.) So, just in our small 1 day trip, some ten odd hours of driving, give or take, I can not tell you how amazing the variance in temperature was. I went from roasting in 100+ degree heat, to shivering at the base of the redwoods on the forest floor, to hot, at the top of the canopy, to BALLS COLD at the coast. Seasons be damned, always  bring a sweater, a coat, long pants, extra socks, boots, a towel, and a swimsuit. You never know where that hot spring surrounded by snow might pop up.

  • Set waypoint. Once you have your address ( or less) that the search for meaning ! No default destination , yes, but I assure you that you want to see some interesting things along the way . The sauce gets the credit for it – I had not even thought of that! But lead us to some interesting places off the beaten track .

  • Be spontaneous. I’m serious. If something does not feel right, do not do it , if not more attractive than the right – go ! Do not get distracted by the crossing points – if you see something interesting , go for it!

  • When you are lost or do not know what to do, ask a local . Local knowledge is absolutely invaluable. How can we begin to Greenville, this wonderful place was in residence West told us the heck out of Dodge, because there was nothing. No camping , nothing. Just imagine that there is nothing in one place can take hours , so never be afraid to ask for help , that is around , etc.

  • Have a plan in case you break down . No matter what plan – just one! Someone call a way to get your car in a safe place , etc. For gamey annoyance consume sit on the edge of the road, perhaps?

  • Leaving somehow track where it goes. I do not mean to break your legs along the way , I mean someone send a text , make a Twitter update or Faceable, or something from time to time , or before going to the reception , the least. Why ? Just in case something goes wrong , someone knows or can understand , more or less where it is.

  • Make a plastic, and make it big . No kidding . The roads are long and there is no reception in most of them. You will need a plastic to spend the night . Following this, I am really getting an pod , if I have something that I can store a lot of music , if anything a weekend adventure becomes a week of adventure. I suggest having music for all moods, sweet delight.

  • Back to reality is difficult. Very, very hard . Try to plan your day return to be easy , if possible. I know it usually takes me a few days to actually join the rest of the world and stop dreaming of the forest.

  • Once you have done, do it again . Not all of these trips will be magic , but they will be worth the experience . ❤

Resources: I put my list of content here . I try to travel light and keep all my belongings in a small travel bag and a backpack . Light, but travel prepared .

1 . Travel Bag ( with all the normal shoes, shirt, toothbrush, and other things that I try to bring a garment if I need more clothes , I can not find a place to wash ..! )

2 . Backpack . ( A book , snacks , sunglasses , sunscreen, lip balm, eye drops , awww my kit kat melted, ,,)

3 . Refrigerator . ( Palos salami, bread , cheese, a little in May , a few beers , lots of water , a little bicarbonate)

4 . Camping equipment . ( Firewood and wood, camping chairs x 2 tent, air mattress, fast pump, flashlights )

5 . Conveniences . ( Cheetos , among others , pillows, blankets, cell phones, more cheetos . )

6 . Truck .

It took 13 days.

He made ​​me in awe every time.



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