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Some Ways to Serve Others – Help People

Ways to serve is to open your mind and heart to God..

Helping others, it is a best way to help yourself .

1 . Smile

This is a great habit to get into to start practicing every day and whenever you get the chance . The good thing is that a smile to others is easy and takes nothing but a little effort. Nearly everyone responds to a smile and makes you and the other person feel better immediately .

2 . Hold or Get the door to someone
Simple things are a great way to serve others and these little things can make a big difference. Stop and hold the door for someone whenever you’re lucky and you go before you . This sends a strong message and can not really come by combining it with # 1, a big smile with the offer of the door.

3 . Help someone get to where they want to be

In other words, when it comes to transportation or as a physical destination. There are always friends, colleagues and family members who need to go somewhere or truck a trip, vacation or event . Maybe it’s like to be a designated driver for a group of friends. Simply offer to help get where they want to be.

4 . Buy someone lunch

Buying food is not as expensive as many people make every day and when you have a chance that you have found or having lunch with someone, just to buy their lunch , as well as yours . Do not offer , do not tell , do not do much . Say they can not get the next , they would say not for you, just buy food and stay there.

5 . Pick up a hitchhiker

This scares a lot of people and I certainly included in this group . However, it is a great way to serve others and it is much safer than we tend to think or what we are often taught about strangers . It is also very safe if you think you know where and when it is good to take a hitchhiker and what people want to buy. Often , you can offer to someone (or a foreign tour ) when they try to hitchhike , which is very safe.

6 . Provide lateral roadside assistance

People have problems with the car all the time. I’m sure you in a moment. Whether to change a tire , jump a battery or call an expert for a trailer . Stop to help someone can make a big impact on someone who fights on the side of the road. This is especially true in case of an accident, and it is sad when people leave in a hurry, then they should stop to help and provide evidence to ensure that people are not exploited.

7. Neighbors mow

Small things make a big difference and little things for a neighbor can turn an unknown neighbor a great friend. Mowing the lawn or raking leaves only takes a few minutes to do a little more of your own backyard. It looks better on grass is cut at the same time , and while you should not expect that often these favors will be returned. I experienced this many times.

8 . Invite someone over for dinner

An easy way to build relationships is to have a meal together and thus invite someone to dinner is a great way to serve them and the relationship .

9 . Give a gift certificate

I like to give people who live in gift certificates from the street. Gift cards for food or stores for basic needs , such as clothing that can be purchased almost anywhere and instead of giving money to someone who has no idea how they could spend , you can give them something they have to use for your needs Basic. I gave $ 20 grocery gift cards for street vendors and are always excited and it’s easier for me to know that not only can turn the page and go on drugs or alcohol ( can not buy alcohol in stores here in Canada).

10 . Help someone achieve a goal

People often struggle to achieve your goals and every one of us can use help in some way. Ask people about their goals and do what I can to help achieve that goal. Maybe make a suggestion where to start or a person to consult a course or knowledge or personal tutoring or action to help , whatever, to help people achieve their goals is a wonderful how to serve others.

11 . Share your dreams with someone

The more you think about your dreams and share them with others, they are more likely to occur and to spend time with them. So share your dreams with someone and sharing in turn, contributes to these dreams more likely and timely .

12 . Snow shovel their walks

If you live in a cold climate with snow shovel walks can be a regular occurrence in the winter months . Take a few minutes and shovel walks of their neighbors or the bus , or public roads.

To Serve Others
13. Write an article that helps people

This is an easy task for floggers because it is a regular occurrence . For non – floggers however , writing is not always seen as a way to help people , but it is very useful . Choose a topic he knows well and write an article about it and share it with people you know .

14. Teach something specific you know

Take writing one step further and teach something to someone you know in person . Take the time to help them learn to explain and learn from you. Teaching is a great way to serve others and we all have the opportunity to teach in other areas that we have already learned .

15 . Listen carefully to the conversation

Conversation and communication can be difficult at times , and to operate and to serve others in the communication is really to listen and listen carefully. Others are the values sweetheart you took the time to listen and they were actually paid full attention and that you care enough to listen.

Some Ways to Serve Others – Help People

Serve Others, Others, Serve, Help People

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