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How to Write a Novel: 10 Steps

The first thing you need to know about writing a novel is that there are no easy answers . The second thing you should know is that if you 're like most of us , it will be very difficult. There is no magic formula to writing novels . Each book requires its own structure, its own rhythm , its own way of seeing the world .

Still with me ? Good. Because, apparently , writing a novel is not only an exercise in banging your head in frustration and utter despair (although , believe me , sometimes it is just that ) . It is also a deep immersion in your own headache a fun adventure , and one of the most touching a creative person can do. It's your world , you get to do it, fill it out, cultivate and put all the pieces together.

If you're ready for the challenge of writing a novel , here are 10 steps to get your started .

1 . Forget the contour.

The contours are good, unless they are sick. The good thing is that the scheme is given an address. The disadvantage of the system is that it limits the possibilities of his novel. For the first fifty pages, at least , to work without a plan. See where the story begins to take you. Need help with this? Paperclip test method.

2 . Consider setting .

The set includes not only the place but also time. Where does your novel is set , and when? Chilling novel by Ian McLean, The Comfort of Strangers , derives much of its tension adjustment Venice – streets and crooked alleys hidden , are essential to the sense of disorientation that led to the downfall of the protagonist. When I started to write this year fog , I knew that this book could go one place: San Francisco. And I knew the story of a boy who disappears into the fog should begin to Ocean Beach, where the fog was so thick , you can see a few feet in front of you .

When you consider the context of the novel , be as specific as possible. If you start in a city , what part of town? What street ? What building? Why is the story going on here?

3 . Consider point of view.

Who tells the story , from what distance ? You have a first-person narrator is at the center of the action, an omniscient narrator who is able to enter in the thoughts of any character at any time , the third person limited narrative that adheres closely to a character? Empathy is Muralist in the Stranger player , despite his apparent coldness , because the story in the first person directly brings the reader into the mind of Muralist . We understand your motivations for their own point of view and, therefore , actions that might otherwise seem reprehensible started to make sense for us.

4 . Consider the protagonist.

There must be someone in the middle of the action. Generally, it will be someone rooting for the end of your drive, whatever it may be imperfect character. ( And he or she must be defective to be realistic . ) Emma Ovary is deeply flawed , but ultimately, we care what happens to her as she rushes towards self- destruction. Flatfeet's Emma is not easy, but it portrayed in all its complexity , ambition , his passion, his voracious desire for status and luxury. Every great novel is based on the characters , the protagonist must be a character worthy of concern write novel.

5 . Consider conflict.

No matter what kind of novel he wrote , no matter the genre, no romance without problems. Each story begins with the conflict. What is yours ? In Girl Gone , a woman lost in the first chapter , and her husband seems to be involved in her disappearance . On This is where we meet a middle-aged man meets his dead mother along an aqueduct in Lisbon, and we need to reach an agreement not only with the history of their own country, but also with nature mysterious of the uncertain boundaries between life and death.

6 . Consider issues.

What is at stake in the story? What is the protagonist to lose or gain ? What he or she wants , and why is it important ? The Paris must be clear, if you want the reader to care.

7 . Fragments Hug.

Do not be afraid to write a paragraph here , a page there. Not everything has to be a chapter in the early stages of writing novels . If you have a scene in your mind that you know you want to write , go ahead . But if you sit at your computer and you feel nervous and uncertain , you let freedom of thought into small pieces. Tell yourself, “Today I 'm going to write 1200 words on where my personality ' lives , or ” Today , I will write 500 words on what is troubling the narrator “or” Today I'll write the last paragraph of the novel. ” This is a little weird , right? But the fact is , you do not have to write in a linear fashion . You can rebuild his novel set in the future. For now , some things on the page.

8 . Write what you do not know .

The old adage is : “Write what you know . ” But we also must be prepared to write what you do not know . In the spirit of discovery, let nature work in a field that does not know very little , or allow certain elements of the plot, and a plot secondary to delve into something that seems unusual. Then investigate. Course,to write novel you could do the sister of the main character , a struggling writer , something that certainly knows a thing or two about , but it is a bit boring, is not it why not make a welder instead? Then go online and welding research . Grab a beer welder. Give five paragraphs that can be sprinkled throughout the novel that hug the jargon and physical appearance of the weld. Voila, you have created something interesting and texture , which can bring in a metaphorical unusual direction never imagined so stuck to what he knew.

When I wrote that you know, I had a character who was a prodigy in mathematics. Math was always my worst subject in school , and even into adulthood , my limits in mathematics were something of an albatross . But the book made me lie down , and ended up writing in depth on the Goldberg conjecture a mathematical mystery that has remained unsolved for hundreds of years. I learned a lot not only a math problem , but the world of mathematics and the characters that populate it . I also met one of the most fascinating books I've read , an apology Mathematician by GHZ Hardy . Had he chosen to go the math, would have been easier to talk, but much less interesting journey .

9 . Set a deadline , but be realistic and friendly .

Not for the realization of the novel, but for the first fifty pages . A second time far enough in the future to reach the second fifty pages . It's great to say that you are going to write a novel in a month ( Manorial , anyone? ), But can be very intimidating , once you get to the end and realizes that he has only 35 pages write novel. 35 pages is great, unless you have set up for failure by believing it will produce 300 in this period . 35 good pages are more than 300 damaged pages any day . Be gentle with yourself and set yourself up for success by setting realistic deadlines .

10: Beware .

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning writers shows his first efforts for anyone who cares to look . I know it's tempting. You've written a novel. Would you like to comment ? Want to help? You want someone to tell you it's great . But hold your horses write novel. On the one hand , if you let people see his novel soon , they will all sorts of ideas on where to go and what it should be , what to include and what to leave out. If you show two people, you will receive a double dose of all these well-intentioned ideas. Show three people and triple the effect. You see what I mean. The worst case scenario is that nobody loves and is so discouraged that end up leaving before they have a chance to go far write novel. For a while , at least , must protect his novel. Do not show everyone, not advice . Give it a little time to get your own take on the page before other visions . Many novels are written by collaboration, but unlike scripts, most are not written by the committee. This is his story , hidden in a drawer until you are ready to see the light.

How to Write a Novel: 10 Steps

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